I really wanted to be enthusiastic about something when I wrote this column. I wanted to be able to say the Texans would enter week 14 with a 6-6 record and be in a playoff race. Now technically, the team isn’t out of it completely, but the 28-20 loss to the Titans on Sunday was definitely a major setback.

 The thing that kills about the Texans is the fact that they continue to beat themselves over and over again. Whether it is the turnover factor or poor play, the Texans have taken themselves out of it more than anything.

 In the Texans' seven losses this season — at Jacksonville, 37-17 and San Diego, 35-10 — they had no chance to win. The other five games, they fought until the end, and still should have won.

Right now, that is the difference between the team you see now, and what could be a legitimate playoff contender.

On Sunday, quarterback Matt Schaub went down again, leaving the game in the hands of backup Sage Rosenfels. The Texans held control of the game until this point, then seemed to have the life sucked out of them all over again.

Even after the injury, the Texans still were within a score of the Titans in the fourth quarter. With 10:50 left, the Texans trailed 21-17 and forced Tennessee to punt. Of course, fate would have it out for the Texans, as receiver Jacoby Jones muffed the punt return and gave the ball back to the Titans. Tennessee then scored, putting the score at 28-17 and forcing the Texans to go into panic mode.

So at this point, I have to be the bigger person and admit a mistake I made at the beginning of the season.

This was an exact quote from one of my earlier columns. "No longer refer to Jacoby Jones as 'that guy from Lane.' After the preseason Jones is having, there is no question he will line up in that second receiver spot. It isn’t just the special teams play either, although the two punt returns for touchdowns in two games doesn’t hurt."

 Well, go back to referring to Jacoby as "that guy from Lane." I am at such a point of disgust with him that I think he should be cut from the team. Jones has made nothing but big plays this season for the other team.

 One bright spot on Sunday was watching Mario Williams get 2.5 sacks on Vince Young.

Unless you’re not keeping track at home, that is 8.5 sacks on the season, which is good enough for third in the AFC and tenth in the NFL. So all talk of this guy being a bust should come to an end.

 Unfortunately, I can't come up with any other bright spots.

 Next week the Texans take on the NFC South-leading Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Houston. And as I said before, the Texans aren't completely down-and-out, but it would be a borderline miracle for a playoff berth to happen now.

 My prediction: Bucs 24, Texans 13.