HI: Stephen F. Austin is 2-6 but has a dangerous offense with an explosive quarterback. What are you expecting out of the Lumberjacks today?

TW: They are going to play with great confidence. They had a big game last week in a win over Southeastern Louisiana. They have one of the best quarterbacks (Danny Southall) in the league who really makes them go. He can beat you running the ball and throwing it. He is very dangerous.

HI: Turnovers have plagued the Bearkats in losses to Central Arkansas and McNeese State. What has to be done today to make sure the guys hold onto the football?

TW: From a fundamental standpoint, we have really harped on ball security. Hopefully, the turnovers will disappear with a little focus. Sometimes the turnover bug is bad luck as well. Whether it is a tipped ball or something else. But as soon as the turnover bug shows up, it can disappear. Hopefully it is behind us because when we don’t turn it over, we are a pretty effective football team. Most games come down to a touchdown or 10 points, and the difference is usually who turned it over the most.

HI: Last week, the Bearkats’ passing game took a step back and was ineffective. What steps have you taken to work out the kinks?

TW: Usually we have been pretty capable throwing the ball, but that wasn’t the case last week. Sometimes that happens. We were really focused on running the ball because of what we had seen in McNeese’s defense. D.D. (Terry) had the hot hand, but we need to be more balanced. We are going to get big plays from D.D., but we have to have some big pass plays in order to be explosive.

HI: Who is going to start at quarterback today?

TW: Brett Hicks is going to be the starter. He had a good week of practice, and I anticipate that he is going to have a good game. This is his fourth or fifth week to start, and he has done a good job taking care of the football. That’s exactly what we need this week.

HI: After averaging 33.5 points to start Southland Conference play 2-0, the offense has struggled to score in two straight losses. How can the Kats get more point production?

TW: The offense has played the worse the last two weeks than they have all season. Not getting the ball in the end zone has been a result of those turnovers. They kill drives. Taking care of the ball will help that. We also have to be better in the red zone. Against Central Arkansas, we had it down there four times and didn’t get in. In the last two games, we have scored 12 and 16 points. The rest was because of the defense and special teams. We have to improve on that in order to win.

HI: The defense has been on the field a lot the past two weeks and pushed to the limit. How have the defensive players prepared for the Lumberjacks?

TW: I thought last week they did some good stuff. They have bent but haven’t really broken and have been doing a good job of that all season. They have gotten their fair share of turnovers. We are in the negative in turnover ratio, but most of that is because of the offense. They are playing hard, and we need them to really step up this week to win on the road.