Here’s a photo of a sticker awarded to a runner upon completion of a marathon (26.2 miles). The numbers on these stickers signify the longest distance a runner has completed.

Most of us have stickers of some sort on our cars and trucks. They may say what organization or group we belong to or what we like or dislike. They may reflect our political affiliation, show what sports team we support, what high school or college we attend or what branch of the military we served in. Basically, they show who we are as an individual.

Runners are no different. They like to display a sticker representing their sport. However, running stickers are not obvious to those outside the sport. They are oval stickers showing the longest distance race the runner has completed.

You might see a 5K (3.1 miles), 10K (6.2 miles) or 13.1 miles (half marathon). A 26.2 sticker represents a full marathon. Beyond 26.2, there are ultra-marathon races. These are represented by 50K (31 miles) stickers, 50 Miles and 100K stickers. The ultimate running sticker is 100 Miles.

The oval stickers are also used to represent multi-sport events. If you see a 140.6 sticker, that means an occupant in the vehicle completed an Ironman Triathlon. This is a multi-sport race consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and a 26.2-mile run. The total distance is 140.6 miles. A 70.3 sticker represents a Half Ironman Triathlon race.

Race stickers indicate what race goals that we have accomplished. Whether or not you have accomplished a racing goal is not as important as just running on a regular basis. It’s good for your health.


Recent race results:

Toughest 10K, Kemah, Sept. 15

    Steve Bickford, 51       50:33

    Darryl Shreves, 52       55:27

    Gerald Johnson, 57       57:03

    Anna Shreves, 52     1:20:24

Buffalo Stampede 5K, Buffalo, Sept. 15

    Jill Blake, 34        30:07 (2nd in age group)

    Ken Johnson, 71    35:42 (1st in age group)

CASA Superhero 5K, Montgomery Co., Sept. 15

    Emily Garner, 32     21:46 (1st in age group)

1-Mile (Untimed)

    Dawson Garner, 7

    Kaelin Thompson, 6

    Maddie Ledezma, 6

    Raegan Slott, 5

    Bethany Slott, 3

Be the One Run, 5K, Sugar Land, Sept. 15

    Timothy Dixon, 45    25:53

Gruene 10K, New Braunfels, Sept. 8

    Mary Jenke, 30     1:11:30

    Ken Johnson, 71      1:16:17 (3rd in age group)

Run the Woodlands 5K, The Woodlands, Sept. 8

    Robert Duncan, 52     20:00

    Steve Bickford, 51    22:44

    Donna Fabian, 38     28:50

Upcoming races in Huntsville

Oct. 13 - Great Muddy Escape 5K, General Sam’s Offroad Park

Oct. 27 - Huntsville Half & Quarter Marathon & 5K Run/Walk, SHSU campus

Nov. 3 - Rocky Raccoon Trail Run, 50K, 25K, 10K, Huntsville State Park

Nov. 10 - CASA Superhero 5K, SHSU campus

Nov. 24 - Leftover Turkey 10K, 5K & 1-Mile Run/Walk, Veterans Mem. Parkway

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