RUNNING SHORTS: Preparing for summer

Summer is coming in earnest. It’s time to prepare.

You know what I do? Absolutely nothing. I run when I feel like it, heat be darned. I only do three or four miles, and if it’s 95 degrees outside, I’ll just do them a little slower.

I am too old to run before my muscles are ready, and each day they take awhile to get going. I usually miss out on morning runs, despite the lower temperatures. And I am way too old to run after eating, which rules out evening runs as well. I guess it’ll be the middle of the day then!

I also don’t worry about water or hydrating. How much trouble can you get into in only three or four miles?

Unless you are doing some hard miles, major adjustments are not necessary in the summer. Run when you feel like it, drink when you feel like it, and be sure to replenish your electrolytes afterwards.

The electrolytes, sodium and potassium, are just as important as the water. Sports drinks like Gatorade have plenty, or some salt for sodium and a banana for potassium will do the trick. The rule of thumb is that water and electrolytes should be in balance. Serious problems can result from having too few electrolytes or from “watering down” your electrolytes with too much water.

Summer is also a good time to plan out your fall racing schedule. Not only can you identify some races to train for, but you often save money by registering early.

To that end, registration is now open for one of Texas’s oldest and most exciting races — the Huntsville Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon and 5K Run/Walk, which will be held this year on Saturday, Oct. 19.

For this race, you save big by registering in the summer. Through August 31, the entry fee for the Half Marathon is only $45, while the 5K is only $20. You can register online by going to and entering “Huntsville Half Marathon” in the search bar.

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Upcoming Races

June 22 - Polish Pickle 5k, 8 a.m. Bremond.

July 4 - Stu's County Mile 5k, 7:30 a.m., Centerville.

July 27 - Dog Days 5K & 1-Mile Run/Walk, 8 a.m., Elkins Lake Subdivision

(See for additional races and links to individual race websites.)

Recent Race Results

June 8 - Clifton Legacy Park 5k Glow Run, Clifton

Steve Allen                21:11

June 8 - Kosse Greyhound 5K, Kosse

Steven Bickford              23:41

Cathy Bickford            42:42

June 1 - Heights Fun Run, Houston


Ken Johnson       42:55


June 1 - Myrick 5k, Hereford

Steve Allen                   22:12

May 27 - Memorial Day 5k, Huntsville


James Spencer             21:32

Emily Villines                 21:58

Steve Pecina                22:30

Phillip Pittmon               23:04

Loren Sheffer               23:33

Dave Unger                  23:55

Darren Grant                24:50

Jessica Kohers             25:33

Gary Kroll                     26:15

Toben Edney                26:24

Gerald Kohers              26:29

Jose Moreno                 26:30

Michael Luna                27:23

Kevin Edney                 28:00

Lin Salmon                   29:18

Kim Azker                     29:31

Shannon Ramsey         29:37

Lorie Cross                  29:42

Katrina Culver              29:48

Jeffery Johnson            30:01

Carla Krystyniak           30:51

Doug Dretke                 32:29

Monica Lopez               32:30

Glen Carter                  33:03

Crystal Fain                  33:08

Ryan Bennett               34:23

Nicole Kohers               35:22

Josie McMahon             35:57

Silvia Culver                 36:16

Kim Heimbecker            36:32

Kelli McMahon              36:57

DeeDee Dretke            37:43

Mike Mangan                38:11

Jan Parks                      39:18

Marcie Grant                 39:46

Dave McMahon             44:48

Jessie McMahon           45:19

Gerry Simpson              45:43

Colleen Spencer           48:35

Heidi Morse                   49:07

Patrica Capps               49:09

Christine Okech            50:29

Bonnie Harder               50:59

Lois Levingston             51:09

Trevor Brown                51:11

Becky Kemp                  52:39

Ryann Kaaa-Bauer  57:17

Stacey Smith                 57:20

Noah Brown                  57:43

Michael Brown               57:43


Gatlin Ramsey               8:55

Caylem Ware                 9:35

Cordylea Ware              9:59

Jensen Lineback           10:37

Diedre Ware                  11:02

Cathy Bickford               14:44

Brookyn Spencer           15:11

Jordyn Spencer             16:13

Casey Spencer              16:13

Noah Lineback               17:29

John Lineback                18:33

Zane LineBack               20:07

Kathi Lineback               20:30

Cherrie Villines               20:57

Marti Okech                   23:19

Emma Pittman                23:31

May 25 - Larry Don's 7 & 7K, Gustine

Steve Allen                 30:58


May 25 - Run the Woodlands, The Woodlands

Steven Bickford              24:07

Cathy Bickford               45:46


May 19 - National Running Month 5k, The Woodlands

Gary Kroll                       26:52

Ken Johnson              43:59