HUNTSVILLE — With dreams and aspirations of becoming a professional bull rider, Huntsville resident Lucas Myers is well on his way.

The nine-year-old has won an opportunity to compete in two separate events at the Junior Roughstock World Finals qualifier in Ogden, Utah.

“It feels great. If my dad wouldn’t have helped me, I don’t think I would be where I am today,” Myers said. “He has helped me through everything I have had to do and has pushed me hard. He has me train hard and work hard. I’m just blessed.”

Myers will be competing in the mini bull riding event, as well as peewee bareback. Last year he made the World Finals in bareback. The event in Ogden will help Myers qualify for a spot in the Junior National Finals later this year in Las Vegas.

“The goal is to try and win the worlds and stay on,” Myers said. “I just want to do my best and keep training hard. I want to be at the top.”

Myers is a noted winner, as he has compiled over 20 buckles and a plethora of awards from the events he attends. Last year, Myers attended the Junior World Finals where he finished 11th in the world in the peewee bareback riding.

With all the success his dad, Brad Myers, has been the rock in Lucas’ life. Brad has the led the way for him and is standing in his corner in every event.

“I couldn’t be more proud of him,” Brad said. “I tell him everyday that nothing is ever given to you and you need to work for it. That’s the motto we use. Just give it 110% every time. You can’t ride them all but as long as you try and give it 110%, I’m gonna be proud of you. Words cannot express how excited I get when he’s riding.”

In the latest event Lucas finished in second place in both sections. He will look to continue this success on Sept. 23-25 at the Extreme Miniature Roughstock Rodeo in Ogden.

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