Timiea Garett

Timiea Garrett goes over the net for a tip. 

HUNTSVILLE — Huntsville’s volleyball team has wrapped up a 35-game start to its season that was geared towards preparing them for the season that matters, district.

The Lady Hornets capped off the non-district season with a sweep of Madisonville earning their 20th win of the season.

“We talked all week about being hungry from the beginning to the end,” Huntsville head coach Cody Hassell said. “We played hard in the 20s last week but then we would have a lull somewhere in the middle.”

While Huntsville saw its fair share of ups and downs during the first half, it was geared towards making them a better team in the end. The Lady Hornets were challenged by several teams that could make deep playoff runs on several levels providing competition for the long run.

The Lady Hornets also had 35 games to figure out what rotations they need to be successful through district.

“We got our 20th win tonight and it’s been a while for that in Huntsville,” Hassell said. “That feels really good. Every game is going to be a challenge and that's what it’s about. If we can keep our focus I think we will like how district ends up.”

Before the season Hassell talked about this team being a big up front and they have proven that to be true. The Lady Hornets have three players up front that make it tough for opponents.

Junior Chelsea Butler and senior Madison Grekstas are two of the three members upfront and have combined for 457 kills thus far. They are complemented by senior Timiea Garrett, who has seen some offensive action on her own.

Garrett has added 91 kills to this team and helps with the defensive approach from the middle.

Butler, Garrett and Grekstas have all combined for 88 total blocks in the middle, which will be a focal point in the next 10 games as they are the ones that count.

“They do a good job,” Hassell said. “Some nights somebody is going to go off and some nights somebody else might. Timiea stepped up with seven kills tonight. We were able to end points quickly. It just takes a team.”

Now as the season starts to matter, the Lady Hornets will have to dig deep for their final 10 games in a new district.

Huntsville will see some new teams in their district but will start out with a familiar foe in Lufkin to get their district slate going. First serve will be at 5:30 p.m. Friday at the Paul Bohan Gym.

“What always happens is everybody works really hard for a month and then their bodies get tired,” Hassell said. “We kind of hit a lull every year. Now, we have to build the fire and inspiration before district. A win before you go in is huge. Now we have something to fight for every day.”

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