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Hundreds of people gathered at Kate Barr Ross on Monday to celebrate Independence Day with their families. Over 200 kids climbed the rock climbing wall and city officials were dunked in the dunking booth. The event was hosted by Parks and Recreation and staffed by several volunteers from Sam Houston State.


The court agreed the plan was competitive, though the study would be reviewed. The salary study was not final and commissioners will move forward with an evaluation of individual employee salaries and market rates. 

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The use of a crane will necessitate the closure of 12th Street before 8 a.m. Thursday, April, 14. Weather permitting all work was expected to be completed by midday Saturday. Court activities were not expected to be affected.

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Most American workers have taken a pay cut in the past two years - even if they didn’t know it. The cause wasn’t widespread corporate belt-tightening or restructuring. It’s inflation, which has made everything more expensive by diluting buying power of each dollar earned.

Huntsville is fortunate to have plenty of good restaurants, although fewer than it did just months ago, due to COVID primarily. It seems you a…