Your home is your castle

Daiquiri Beebe

Here we are again. Stuck at home with nowhere to go safely. People lined up purchasing heaters, plumbing supplies, food, toilet paper and bottled water at the last minute, just before the coldest winter storm in Texas.

Our homes are becoming more valuable to us with each disaster. Hurricane Harvey kept us home for a week waiting for the water to drain. COVID-19 stopped us in our tracks and has helped us evaluate the practical everyday use of our homes. Some of us have found creative ways to make our house work better for us, while others have chosen to sell and buy a house that will meet their needs.

What about preparation? Many people who have experienced numerous power outages have chosen to invest in a whole-house generator. Others are used to having water available even when the electricity goes out.

Many of us have experienced the lack of both electricity and water in the last few days and now it is time to prepare for the next disaster. While I typically see the cup as half-full, I am also very practical and having some items on hand the next time something else unexpected comes along will put your mind at ease.

Find a closet or unused space in your home where you can store some items for use the next time the store shelves become empty. Canned food like soup, canned meat, fruits and vegetables. Packaged foods like crackers, granola bars etc. Be sure to purchase food items that you like so that you can use them and replace them every couple of months to keep a fresh stash on hand. Canned and boxed items work well because when you don’t have a heat source or extra water available, these items are still edible. Dried rice and beans require a lot of water and heat to prepare.

Stock up on bottled water. You can purchase some 5-gallon jugs with spigots to be easily stored and accessed when needed. Be sure to have some disposable plates, cups, bowls, napkins, spoons, forks etc. These make life a lot easier when you are unable to wash your dishes.

First aid supplies can be kept in your medicine cabinet. Check on them regularly to make sure you have a supply on hand. Last but not least, keep an extra package or two of toilet paper, enough to last your family for a week, if you are unable to get to the store. Don’t forget to have a couple of flashlights on hand and a few extra batteries.

Having a whole-house generator on your home is a selling feature to potential buyers. It provides you peace-of-mind and offers security to the next purchaser of your home. We are all now realizing how vital our home is to our daily lives. Have yourself and your home prepared just in case something unexpected happens again.

Daiquiri Beebe is a Huntsville resident and realtor for Abby Realty. 

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