Without Jesus, whither Black Lives Matter?

Robin Montgomery

Black Lives Matter’s adding of statues and other memorabilia of the Biblical Jesus to the list of targets for destruction is the most ironic of that group’s decisions. Condemning memorabilia of Jesus because it’s white, a la Shaun King of Black Lives Matter, is obviously a diversion. As a former minister of the gospel, King knows that color is an extraneous point. Jesus expressly addresses himself equally to all races. He furthermore, knows undoubtedly that Christianity was the primary source of sustenance in common to both black slaves and whites.

Even today, US citizens generally, including Black Lives Matter, pay homage to the words of Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence that “all men are Created Equal”, thereby implicitly acknowledging the Christian Creator God. Yet in seeking to obliterate Jesus, Black Lives Matter destroys the very item that gives credence to true equality. Here is where politics meets religion, for only through this Jesus, no matter the color by which he is portrayed, can they receive the true liberty they seek.

Thomas Jefferson raised the question, “How can claims to liberty be secure, should it be forgotten that liberty is a gift of God.” What did Jefferson know that Black Lives Matter does not? Jefferson wrote that the “unalienable right” of liberty is among the rights “endowed” to humanity by our “Creator.” To be endowed is to be the receiver of a gift. According to the Declaration, the Creator God gifted to man the unalienable right to liberty, along with life and the pursuit of happiness.

God’s gift of liberty came to man through Jesus Christ, who was one hundred percent obedient to His Father God. This was necessary because the Transcendent Christian God reflects perfection. Indeed, were God, the Creator, not perfect, our rights could not be “unalienable”. Perfection, in turn, cannot look upon imperfection.

When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, they opened the world to the reality of sin as disobedience to the perfect God. Thus, is the concept of Original Sin. This means that being born into a sinful world, humans are possessed of a tendency toward evil, but capable of redemption through Jesus Christ. By living the only sinless life in history, in perfect submission to His Father God, Jesus atoned for our sins, thereby paying the price for the disobedience of Adam and Eve.

In rejecting the perfection of God and Jesus, Black Lives Matter, as with Antifa, also rejects classic Christian based reason as reflected in the Declaration of Independence. Jesus taught that His judgment was true because it reflected the will of God, the heavenly Father as reference point. This placed the context for decision in terms of classic antithesis or excluded middle. For Black Lives Matter, the reference point for decisions is their own sin-filled human will without relation to Jesus, whom they are seeking to commit to oblivion. This is the epidemy of irrationality.

In obliterating Jesus, Black lives Matter is, ironically, deleting the only measure of making itself truly matter.