We can heal our nation

Richard Watkins

Now is the time for all to come to the aid of our nation.

America is at the crossroads of becoming a nation, moving forward in peace and harmony or, staying in this dark space of hatred, anger, constant hostility and division.

How many of us have become so tired of witnessing America exhibit such negative expressions of one against another; one race against another and one political party against the other.

The Maker has given us an opportunity to see some of the worst of times in our nation’s history. We have elected local, state and national leaders who have not represented those of us who elected them with integrity and fairness, but instead have only looked out for themselves and have made decisions to benefit their self- interest.

Our economy has taken one of the hardest hits ever experienced due to poor decisions at every level of government. We have lost over 230,000 American lives due to COVID-19 and the numbers are still climbing. We have thousands of businesses closing, never to reopen. There are millions who are unemployed and so many who are unable to pay their rent or home mortgages. Many families do not have enough food so children go to bed hungry each night.

It is critical for us to look at the reality of where we are at this time but, it is also critical for us to reflect on our past. Being an old navigation instructor, I learned the importance of reflecting of where we have traveled from in order to identify our current location, which makes it possible to chart our future.

Our current national situation can benefit from that process. I contend that we can’t look to the politicians to make the appropriate changes in our nation to resolve the current conditions. We can’t defer our individual responsibilities to another with any level of success. This is what has put us in the current situation.

Our Maker has given each person a powerful ability; the ability to choose. We can blame others for our failures, but it doesn’t work that way.

That ability comes with the personal responsibility for each of us to take specific actions. Those actions consist of looking in the mirror. We are the only person that we have any control over, so in order to bring about any change in society, we must first make changes within ourselves.

It is an individual decision that should be made to take that chip off of our shoulder. It is an individual choice to not fall victim to all that is around us; hatred, anger, hostility, intolerance and selfishness.

We can choose to take the film of negative history off of our eyes and to see the opportunity that exist to open up our minds and hearts to a wonderful future for our community and a much better nation.

The only way to displace darkness is to introduce light. The light for better relationships with our family and neighbors,our community and our nation.

No positive changes or healing can take place until we look in the mirror.

I know of no medication that can heal any person of any condition. The human body and mind must heal itself.

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