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This Veterans Day, BBB Serving the Heart of Texas wants to thank those who have served our country. 

Veterans face unique difficulties as they return home and reenter the work force. Applying for education benefits, filing disability claims and searching for employment can be challenging processes for military consumers. Unfortunately, scammers are always ready to strike, and according to a 2019 BBB study, military families and veterans lose 32% more to fraud than civilian consumers.

Employment scams, the riskiest scam on BBB’s Risk Report two years in a row, also have a larger impact on military consumers. Veterans reported losing an average of $1,905 to employment scams, almost double the amount lost by other consumers.

Finding trustworthy sources is the best way to avoid scams in the transition from active duty to civilian life. BBB recommends starting with these organizations:

BBB Military Line. BBB Military Line offers free consumer education and financial literacy resources for military families and veterans.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (V.A.)., the official website for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, is a hub for materials on every aspect that may impact the transition to civilian life. Information on education benefits, pension and life insurance can all be found on the Veterans Affairs official website.

Veteran Employment Services Office (VESO). VESO offers career opportunity resources within the Department of Veterans Affairs, assisting in the transition from active duty to civilian life.

USA Military Assistance. Like the V.A., USA Military Assistance provides guidance on a wide variety of areas. For those on active duty, military tax guidance and free credit monitoring can also be found at

Veterans Health Administration. An extension of the V.A., the Veterans Health Administration is a health care system specifically for veterans. The administration also offers resources for veterans during the COVID-19 crisis.

Visit us at to find more marketplace tips for military consumers.

Emily Gaines is a public relations coordinator for the Better Business Bureau in the Heart of Texas. 

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