The story of the 3 little P's and 1 big P

Once upon a time in America, in our present day 2020 era, the three little P’s- protests, purpose and politics, converged on the big stage of the American cities to make their voices heard regarding the gross, intolerable injustice in this country.

This scenario is quite similar when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord God, and Satan came also among them. The sons of God could not identify Satan because he was disguised as one of them. The Lord asked Satan where did he come from. Satan replied that he was going to and from the Earth and walking up and down in it (Job 1:6-7).

Understand, when the first two P’s of peaceful, law abiding, citizens protest in our cities to affect change for the greater good of humanity; they came with a distinctive and delineated purpose to extinguish the flames of brutality, racism, segregation, and every other ism that divides our country. These protesters embodied the souls of diverse parents, preachers, teachers, students, small children, and a cross-section of society. They sacrificed their lives and livelihood to be heard to make an indelible impact in our laws.

Be aware of the third little P- political poison, the smokescreen tactics used by those meant to co-opt and destroy the mission of peaceful protesters in the United States. As we have seen in recent weeks, there are some (a militant movement) who seek to instigate and employ extreme violence and destroy private property in an effort to spur the police, the media, and the nation, into a negative reaction of fear, fight and flight. Their aim is to hijack and taint the powerful and often thankless work of communities resisting oppression. 

Can you “look past this distraction and look to the heart of the issue, which is simply finding a way for all Americans to enjoy equality? To political pundits, power players, and the status quo; ask yourselves why it is difficult for you to want social equality, economic equality, political equality, educational equality, and religious equality for all Americans? Why?

Know that the most significant and salient aspect of the aforementioned 3 little P’s---is the power of prayer. When America and its citizens are willing to humble themselves and repent, and bring their issues before the Almighty, He will hear and answer. The Scriptures invites us to cast all of our cares upon God, because he cares for us (1 Peter 5:6-7). 

America has much innocent blood on its hands and is being weighed in the balances. Make no mistake; God is not pleased with what has transpired in this country over the centuries. Now is the time for our nation as a whole to repent of our deeds and return unto God. Now is a God-ordained opportunity to change the trajectory of our country and the way we do life together as a society. Now is the time to honor God with our whole heart.

Chris Tyson is a resilient and retired public school educator of 32 years of service. She is a contemporary columnist for The Huntsville Item.