The "G" factor impact

Can I be honest with you? What happens when truth clashes with tradition? Truth will prevail and tradition will crumble at its origin. Let’s keep it real concerning the current state of affairs regarding President No. 45 and President-elect No. 46. 

It took me a while to grasp the significance of why President No. 45 became the leader of our country in 2016. My conclusion to this conundrum came with much prayer, biblical study and interpretation. President No. 45 took the helm of this nation simply because God allowed it. God allowed this transition to occur to reveal to the world the true heart and soul of American. America has been on trial the last four years and the verdict is not positive. The evidence is revealed in the calamity, confusion, racist extremists, blood-shed, financial instability and the health crisis of the nation. The Reality Star President ushered in the return of the Nazi Party and many Americans devoured it as a healthy entrée. Know that God is certainly not the author of confusion, but you know who is.

This was a test to see who our faith was connected to. Voting is a civic responsibility for all Americans; however, our allegiance should be to God and not a political party. The Christian Church traded in Jesus for a mere man and money. Consequently, the Scriptures said there would be a great apostasy from the faith. And now we know how our neighbors think and feel about each other. Just know its okay, its okay.

Just as God allowed No. 45 to lead, He will allow No. 46 to lead our country as well. This decision from The Most High God cannot be overturned or reversed. What God has blessed no man, no group or cooperation can curse it. The devout Catholic President-Elect may be delayed in his inauguration, but he will not be denied this position or his destiny. God has spoken in America and His word is the final authority.

Since slavery was codified by law on August 28, 1619 until August 28, 2019, has been a treacherous four hundred years for Black Americans. Biblical history clearly delineates how God delivered the Hebrew people from the perils of Pharaoh and Egypt with a series of ten plagues. That same God has broken the curse and system of slavery in America-our second Egypt, and He will deliver and save his people. If God did it once in Egypt, he will surely do it again in America and there will be a re-birth of a nation (I could totally be wrong).

I am grateful for it all; the tears, good, bad, the ugly great and small. I am grateful because as an American, I still stand stall on truth and faith, hope and love and not hate. I am grateful due to the spiritual awakening of my true identity. According to Scriptures, I am a descendant of Abraham, from the tribe of Judah. Yeshsua/ Jesus’ lineage can be traced to the tribe of Judah, where He is popularly known as the” Lion of Judah.” Make every attempt to be grateful during this unique Thanksgiving holiday. Remember Kumbayah, Kumbayah!

Chris Tyson is a retired, public school educator of thirty two years. She served 14 years as an intermediate P.E teacher and 18 years as an intermediate and secondary school counselor. She is a contemporary columnist for The Item.

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