The Eccentric Viewpoint: True blood versus adopted religion

Red alert! Let us cross the line of faith, familiarity, and fear and discover in depth revelations about two historic groups of influential people who the world is enamored with, and have shaped our present world and economy: The original biblical Hebrew people and modern day Jewish people. I am not writing to debase or attack any group, but only to expand and challenge our mindset to see history from an ancient perspective considering the time frame and geographic location.

Who is God’s original biblical Hebrew Israelites and where are the descendants of these people today? Are the current Jewish people who occupy modern day Israel (God given land) descendants of the original biblical Hebrew Israelites of antiquity or not? There are many bizarre and questionable narratives surfacing YouTube and news print resources about who’s who and what’s what regarding true blood and identity. Due to so much controversy and hatred for the Jewish people, will the real Hebrew people stand up and come forward. Maybe they have come forward with their faces blotted out and voices subdued and suppressed. Is there color confusion?

Think about this for a moment. There is living proof that the cradle of civilization is from the continent of Africa. The Old Testament speaks about two countries in Africa whose names are the same today and the ancient people have black skin: Ethiopia and Egypt. I’m aware that only black people have “hair like lamb’s wool; only black people hair will lock up if the style is in braids or dreadlocks. My hair surely will lock up if it’s not combed or touched for weeks at a time. Is this nonsense to you?

Digital data and research reveals that the modern day Jews are truly Jewish people, however, their humble origins are from Europe; the country of Khazaria. Hundreds of years ago the Khazars converted to Judaism. There is a distinct difference between being a Jew by bloodline and being Jewish by religious tradition. Take some time and examine a New York Times editorial published 3/2/84 and the Smithsonian Magazine regarding Assyrian soldiers. My belief system of what I have always heard and read is being thwarted with turmoil and disbelief.

I have asked God for greater wisdom, knowledge and understanding of His word as I dig a little deeper in studying and analyzing information. The books of Deuteronomy, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Revelations definitely reveals insight, clear clues and thought provoking facts about true identity of His chosen people and where they are now. Deuteronomy 28:68 speaks about ships taking people away and being sold as slaves; Ezekiel 22:15 illuminates dispersed Israelites into other countries; and the prophetic book of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 speak about false Jews. This is baffling to me. Who is really telling the truth about true Hebrew Jewish identity? What a conundrum.

One thing for sure; I will continue to love people regardless of who they are. What are your convictions and perspectives on this subject matter? Do you have a mental visual depiction of the original biblical Hebrew Israelites who comprise the Jewish nation? If so, retain that image. God’s word says we only know in part (1 Corinthians 13:12).

Chris Tyson is a resilient and retired public school educator of 32 years of service. She is a contemporary columnist for The Huntsville Item.