The Eccentric Viewpoint: The real of inside—outside

Hello all, and welcome to Flight #2021-01.Take a few minute to reframe your thinking and embrace that last year is history and we must move on. This is a new year and a new season. Buckle up as we take flight to our first stop at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania, and meet the new bachelor star, Matt James.

Typically, I don’t watch “The Bachelor or Bachelorette.” However, season 25 with Matt James is an exception to the rule. Matt is a viable catch indeed. He is tall, Black, handsome, intelligent and quite passionate. He has an overwhelming dilemma of 32 gorgeous women wanting to get to know him better and be chosen as the queen of his heart. Bless his heart! He will be conflicted to the end. I hope that he truly finds the peace and clarity in choosing the right woman who will proudly wear his name. I’m all in with Matt James.

Board the plane for our second stop in the state of Georgia. Time is running out for four contestants (2 Dems-2 Reps) vying for the two opened U.S. Senate seats. It was a tight race to the last vote and the citizens of Georgia allowed the will of the people to prevail. The winners were Rev. Raphael Warnock, a Baptist preacher from Martin Luther King Jr.’s former church-Ebenezer Baptist Church, and the first Black senator in the Deep South. The other Democratic winner was Jon Ossoff, a young, Jewish politician, at the sweet age of 33, will become the Senate’s youngest member. Congratulation Senators! This is your time to serve your constituents with integrity, with honor, and with humility.

On the final route of our 3 day tour (Jan. 4-6), flight 2021-01 takes flight heading to Washington, D.C. The pilot was looking for a place to land, but there were rioters, protestors and restraints in the streets. She observes that the U.S. Capitol was under siege. Initially, she thought she was viewing an action scene from the movie “White House Down,” featuring Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum. But not so—this was live footage of real chaos and mayhem at in the U.S. Capitol. The world witnessed the violent extraction of the heart beat and pulse of America. You saw the desecration of the Capitol with eyes and mouth wide opened.

There are two points that resonate in my thought process: First, it is crystal clear of the inequities and disparities of how blacks and whites are treated in this country by law enforcement. Secondly, Black Americans would have never conceived of storming and rioting a building that our enslaved African American ancestors assisted in constructing and working their entire lives there. We value the history and significance of the Capitol, and regard this as sacred grounds. Benjamin Banneker, Paul Jennings, Tom, Peter, Ben, Harry, Daniel, Ursula Granger Hughes, and many others may cry out and rise from the grave concerning this terroristic act. Can these dry bones live again? God only knows.

I ask myself how this will affect our nation. I turned to the Scriptures for sound established truth. When Joseph, next in line to Pharaoh of Egypt, revealed himself to his brothers who sold him into slavery, they were fearful of him for what they had done. Joseph told his brothers that what they meant for evil against him, God used it for his good. I believe the same principle applies to Americans today. This assault and breach on the Capitol will work for the good of the people and the nation as a whole. This is not the time to pray as some have suggested. We should have been praying for our country a long time ago. Now is the time to watch, spiritually fight and pray. I say with conviction, Kumbayah, Kumbayah!

Chris Tyson is a retired, public school educator of 32 years of experience. She has served in the capacity as an intermediate P.E. teacher for 14 years and 18 years as an intermediate and high school counselor. She is a contemporary columnist for The Huntsville Item.

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