Always be ready to sell

As an active Realtor in Huntsville, many of the things I hear from buyers is that they want more space. People in larger cities typically live on small lots with their neighbors' homes just next door. In Huntsville, the majority of our homes are older and they were built on larger lots that provide some breathing room between neighbors.

Newer homes are being built for a profit, so they are being built on smaller lots and closer together. This may not be desirable for all buyers, but for someone who wants an affordable home and a small yard to maintain, it is an opportunity.

One of the problems that comes with building a home on a small lot is how that home will drain onto the nearby properties. With improper drainage, nearby homes and yards could be damaged and foundations could be affected. Quality of life and property values are lower when this occurs. It is important for the government entity with jurisdiction over the property to have standards in place to protect the homeowners.

Having set standards for a community is vital to responsible growth that benefits both those who already live in the community and those who will later move to the community.

Daiquiri Beebe is a Huntsville resident and realtor for Abby Realty.