Resolutions for the city of Huntsville

Andy Brauninger

As your Mayor, I absolutely can't wait to be a part of the new year.  I truly believe that we, together, will accomplish great advances for our city in 2020. 

The city has several worthwhile projects planned and I believe that with our current council, our current staff, and the support of our citizens, we will accomplish outstanding achievements. I want all of our citizens to be proud of their "Home Sweet Huntsville."

Now to the business of New Year’s resolutions. My resolution this year is to love people more. Huntsville is full and running over with people who express their love for each other. I want to be known as one who loves others.  

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the checkout line at HEB. Behind me in the line about three positions back was Mr. Morris Johnson. I waved at him and shouted, "good to see you Morris". Morris shouted back, "good to see you Mayor, Jesus loves you and so do I." I want to be more like Morris Johnson. Jesus commanded us to love one another.  Let's all try to be more loving and make Huntsville a city where people love each other.

As a council, we have strategic planning sessions taking place next week and will prioritize our goals for 2020. Some of the things we will be discussing include:

• Continued successful implementation of the bond proposals

• MLK Center and Emancipation Park

• Animal shelter

• Transportation study implementation

• Airport expansion

• Downtown improvements

• Recreation center

These are a few of the areas we will be looking at, but I am sure there will be others. The Council will adopt the plan in February.

I am really impressed with our current city council. We have some with several years’ experience and some that are just starting their tenure, but I believe they all have that one necessary character trait that I believe is so essential to serving on city council. They all love this city and want good things done for our citizens. Thank you, councilmembers for your willingness to devote your time and talent to our city. I encourage all our citizens to take the time to meet and thank your representative councilmember. They are working for you and desire your input.  

How about our city staff and workers? Are they great or what? Staff works hard every day to make Huntsville a City to be proud of. Next time you see a city worker, thank them for what they do for us.

On another note, I encourage all of our citizens to take advantage of some of the outstanding entertainment that is being brought to the Old Town Theatre. I recently attended the Sundance Head performance, and it was great. With all of our festivals and downtown events, 2020 will have a lot to offer our citizens. Don't forget the events at Sam Houston State University, from music programs, plays, outstanding speakers and sporting events, as well as offering additional venues of entertainment for our citizens. We have a great place to live and many opportunities to enrich our lives.

In closing, I continue to covet your prayers as I continue my healing process. My doctor has given me a good report and I hope to be fully back on my feet in the near future. In the meantime, rest assured that your Mayor is on the job and doing his best to look out for what's best for all our citizens.  God bless you and tell someone you love them today.

Andy Brauninger is mayor for the city of Huntsville. He is currently serving his third term.