Remembering the 'Old Times'

When electricity went kaput a few days ago, and eight inches of snow fell, it affected the daily life in thousands of homes. I was on the computer trying to come up with the right words for this column. All of a sudden everything went black. Really black, no light anywhere. My wife had a portable led-light lantern nearby. That gave us some light to navigate the house. We have three old, old kerosene lamps—but couldn’t find the lamp oil to fuel them. The propane-fed gas logs in the fireplace were a real asset—added some heat and most importantly lit the living room. And having a gas stove was a miracle of miracle. We cooked a meal and made hot chocolate. One thing for sure, we are going to buy an old fashioned drip coffee pot for use if the power goes out at a later date. The night was black—no cars on the highway, no lights down the road and even our dogs got worried about not having a light to go outdoors. But, life goes on—and we survived.

Back when I was a kid, all we had was a wood stove, no electricity, no indoor plumbing but plenty of firewood and quilts to wrap ourselves warm. No wonder folks back then were “early to bed and early to rise”. We all need to be thankful for those folks at our electric companies who worked tirelessly to restore power to thousands and thousands of those in-the-dark homes. They are “essential” workers for this day and age.

Now just a note about the absurdity of what happened in Washington, D.C. last week. What started as a peaceful march turned into a chaotic mess when a small group of idiots decided they wanted inside the Capitol where legislation is debated and too often enacted. They busted windows, jimmied doors and several of the criminals roamed the hallways and offices of our elected representatives. No question, they were criminals and even if their IQ’s are 70 or below they need to be identified and prosecuted.

What dismays me is that the Socialists in our government—Schumer, Pelosi, Harris and their followers--sat on their fat butts when similar “peaceful demonstrations” took place in many U.S. cities just a few weeks ago. These radicals destroyed businesses, injured law enforcement personnel and made a mockery of our American way of life. Now the Democrats—who will be sitting in the position of power in just a few days--never issued an apology for the damage done by their supporters. They called that mayhem “peaceful protesting”. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. We cannot sit idly by and let this anarchy and destruction continue. Whether by Democrats or Republicans, it’s reached a critical point! Before signing off, I would suggest to incoming President Biden that when he is in the company of Schumer, Harris and Pelosi — and their radical followers — he keep a close watch on his back! That’s –30—

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