A sign in your yard is not marketing

A successful negotiation ends with two satisfied parties. When both a buyer and a seller are willing to give a little, they can both end up getting what they want. I have seen many situations where a buyer or a seller is not willing to give. This is a recipe for a failed negotiation. In these circumstances, the transaction typically does not end with a successful sale. 

What many buyers and sellers do not realize is that they put themselves and the other parties through a lot of effort and emotional turmoil when they are not serious about the transaction or they are unwilling to take the necessary steps to complete the sale.

When you list your home for sale you are committing to a potential buyer that you are willing and able to sell your home in livable condition. When you make an offer on a home, you are committed to do what it takes to provide the funds to purchase the home. When you are unable to meet either of those commitments, you have wasted time, energy and even the funds of the other party, which results in unnecessary stress and heartache for all involved.

A successful negotiation begins with two parties who are willing to take the necessary steps to complete a transaction. This can include, taking the advice of your experienced Realtor, submitting documentation as soon as possible to your loan officer and informing the buyer or seller of any issues that arise during the transaction, so that they can be addressed as quickly as possible.

As always, choose a professional, full-time local Realtor that does not allow emotions to cloud their judgement. Sellers and buyers are already fueled by a lot of stressful emotions during a real estate transaction. Both parties’ real estate agents need to remain level-headed and have the ability to communicate professionally with one another throughout the transaction so that the sellers and the buyers can reach a mutually beneficial agreement.