Ready to make the big move?

Here is how to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

First, walk outside. Go to your front door and open it with fresh new eyes. Concentrate on the sights, smells and notice the feel of the home.

Does it feel open, airy, and inviting? If not, let’s make it that way.

First step, pack as much of your personal belongings as you can. Store them in the garage or put them in a storage location temporarily.

Hide items in drawers and take down pictures, decor etc. They can distract from the house itself.

Buyers are purchasing the house and what they imagine it to look like with their items in it. Your personal taste can get in the way of a buyer’s vision.

Now that you can see the walls, touch up the paint, fill small cracks, make any drywall repairs, holes, loose baseboards etc. If the wall is an outdated color, paint it white. White is a canvas for a potential buyer to paint any color they choose. Plus, it reflects more light.

After any repairs and paint is complete, do a deep clean. Clean the house from top to bottom. Buyers don’t want to be reminded that you have lived there for years. They want to have a clean slate to bring their own life and dreams into.

Step back outside. Is the house clean, free of mildew? Does it need paint? Do you have personal items throughout the front and back yards. If so, pressure wash, paint and store the excess items that you don’t use everyday.

How do the plants look, are the bushes overgrown, do the trees need to be trimmed or removed? If you have an empty plant bed, now is the time to add some seasonal flowers. Pansies or vincas are great depending on the season. They add color and charm to your yard.

Next up, call out a Realtor to give you an honest opinion of the home and not ask you to spend thousands of dollars remodeling. Leave that to the next buyer. They’ll want to choose their own finishes anyway.

Choose a Realtor who will hire a professional photographer to provide pictures of your home.

Look at samples of your potential Realtors current listings. Determine if their description of the home makes it sound as appealing as possible. You want to attract the largest number of buyers to increase your chance of getting an offer from a well-qualified buyer at a price that satisfies you.

After your home is listed, be ready for showings. Don’t make the buyers wait to see your house. They may just move on to the next one. Have your house as neat as you can when you leave and say “Yes to showings!”

Remember, if you are prepared it should only take a short time to get your house sold.

Daiquiri Beebe is a realtor for Abbey Realty in Huntsville.