Many options available in Huntsville

There are many different types of neighborhoods in Huntsville and Walker County. There is a difference between living within the city limits of Huntsville and living outside of its boundaries.

As more and more developers arrive in Huntsville and build residential neighborhoods, they will want to purchase land within the Huntsville city limits so that their residents will have access to city water, sewer and trash. Those neighborhoods will have to meet the code requirements of the city and its’ building standards. Some areas outside of the Huntsville city limits also have access to city water, sewer and trash but these homeowners pay 1.5 times the cost of citizens within the city limits for these services to offset the cost of these homeowners not paying city property taxes.

Other developers have created subdivisions, which are sections of land divided into lots and sold to individual property owners. These subdivisions typically have deed restrictions which restrict the way that the lots can be used. For example, they can only be used for residential use, not commercial and manufactured homes may not be allowed. The deed restrictions can vary depending on what the developer’s preferences were when they divided the land for sale. Deed restrictions are usually enforced with complaints by individuals through legal proceedings.

Some subdivisions, located within the city limits or outside of the city limits have chosen to establish Property Owners Associations, commonly referred to as POAs or HOAs. When you purchase a home in one of these neighborhoods you agree to comply with any restrictions that have been created by the POA and pay any fees assessed by the POA. Sometimes neighborhoods that never had a POA choose to create one to protect the integrity of their neighborhood and other neighborhoods choose to dissolve their POA.

There are neighborhoods in Huntsville that are located within the city limits, but they do not have a POA with fees and restrictions, but they are still bound to any city of Huntsville ordinances. There are other neighborhoods located within the city limits of Huntsville that have POAs with restrictions and must also follow both the City of Huntsville’s ordinances and the POA restrictions.

One request that I see a lot from people wanting to purchase larger tracts of land is for the land to have no restrictions. People want to be able to purchase an acreage, put a manufactured home on it, put a barn, a shed, a carport, park all of their toys, mule, tractor and RV on the property without any restrictions. This is understandable and some neighborhoods without restrictions are well-maintained and cared for. Some of these neighborhoods can also be neglected and have yards full of excess personal items, which can make the neighborhood less desirable for future home buyers therefore lowering the property values in the area.

When looking for a home to purchase in Huntsville, there are many types of options available and you must choose the right option for you.