Dear Editor,

The spring semester in SHSU’s College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication welcomes our ongoing community partnership initiatives “blooming” quicker than the colorful azaleas on campus.

At Old Town Theatre in downtown Huntsville, March begins with a new dance piece entitled “Romance” by Nicolay Dance Works, a dance company guided by SHSU professor of dance, Dana Nicolay. Our on-going classic film series (with free admission) at Old Town Theatre, continues with the award-winning 1959 French film entitled, “The 400 Blows.”

Besides dance and film, this spring we will expand our offerings at the Old Town Theatre. Many of you may recall Maureen McIntyre’s legacy of staging theatrical productions for Huntsville’s children in years past. I am pleased to tell you that our current SHSU faculty and students plan to continue that tradition. 

In March, on the stage of Old Town Theatre, the Department of Theatre and Musical Theatre will present free performances of “According to Coyote,” a play for children based on Native American coyote myths. This spring the arts will most certainly blossom at the Old Town Theatre — innovative dance, international film, and live theater for youth!

The Wynne Home Arts Center is another valued community partner. On Feb. 25, renowned artist Lois Griffel visits Huntsville to lead a four-day workshop of impressionist painting, an event sponsored by the College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication and the Friends of the Wynne Home. The painting workshop will focus on light, color, and nature and will have indoor morning sessions at the Wynne Home and outdoor afternoon sessions in various locations around Huntsville. We are pleased to note that workshop members will include SHSU art students, Huntsville residents, as well as visitors who will travel to participate.

In April, we will again partner with the Wynne Home to get “Huntsville Moving!” — a workshop and dance performance initiative made possible by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts /Art Works. We are delighted to announce that “Huntsville Moving!” will feature the talents of Huntsville Ballet Folklorico, Nicolay Dance Works and the NobleMotion dance company (another award-winning dance collaborative led by SHSU professors of dance, Dionne and Andy Noble). 

“Huntsville Moving!” will conclude on April 16 with a reception at the Wynne Home featuring SHSU’s percussion ensemble and a final free performance event on the SHSU campus at the James and Nancy Gaertner Performing Arts Center. Remember to put “Huntsville Moving!” on your calendar for April.

Interested in learning more about these community partnerships in the arts? I encourage you to visit Old Town Theatre’s website ( and the Wynne Home’s website ( for additional information.

As you well know, the arts are alive and well in our community. From the classrooms, exhibit halls and stages of SHSU to activities at the Wynne Home and Old Town Theatre (and beyond), we applaud the rich diversity of artistic expressions that can be found in Huntsville. We cherish our community partnerships that reach new audiences and build the cultural life of our Huntsville. Please join us!


Dr. Ronald E. Shields, DeanCollege of Fine Arts and Mass Communication

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