Ward 2 needs honest representation

Dear Editor:

It's been over a year since the city discussed laying $2.1 million waterlines outside the city limits on Highway 19 for a “University Research Park.”

It’s important to note that while the Huntsville City Council was ready to jump on the opportunity to squander our tax dollars for water lines to a research park that didn't exist, one thing did exist — property owned by Tish Humphrey's husband, conveniently located near the “location” of the “research park (Property ID 30866 with Walker County Appraisal District).”

Paying $2.1 million ( out of a budget that later had a $1.4 million deficit, so thanks for that, Tish) to run water lines outside the city limits to this location would have done nothing but increase Tish Humphrey’s property value and development potential.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that she advocated for it so hard. Tish Humphrey is now heading towards re-election, another surprise, because some could argue she should be heading towards a jail cell.

I am sick and tired of this corrupt good ol’ boy system in this town. I will NOT be supporting their special interest puppet. I will be supporting Kendall Scudder, who has served as a public watchdog for the past five years. We need good, honest people with integrity to get this town back on the right track.

Richard Almendarez


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