There is no future for the Walker County Hospital District. 

The Huntsville Memorial Hospital was created and paid for by the taxpayers of Walker County with the Walker County Hospital District management. However, the district entered into a contract with the private firm named the Walker County Hospital Corporation. This contract gave up all oversight, lock, stock and barrel including the keys to the front door of the hospital.

After years of mismanagement including inflated salaries,alleged insurance fraud and failed network clinics, the corporation demanded the district forgive $5.4 million in missed rent payments and $2.9 million in cash which the district complied with while the corporation spoke of bankruptcy. So the district comes up with this blight ideal to to serve as the corporation's lender during bankruptcy, giving the corporation more taxpayer money and letting the district back in the door of the hospital. LOL 

The corporation told the district to go such an egg, Why? Because Corporation will be filing a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. What does that mean? It means that if the corporation is successful they will remain in possession of its assets and continue to operate the hospital under the supervision of the court for the benefit of creditors which is the corporations long term lender out of California. In any case there is no future for the hospital district to manage the hospital. Even if the court finds the corporation to be less than honest, a trustee may be appointed. So off to your closed door meeting hospital district. The taxpayers are waiting.