It is regrettable that so many people tend to paint every situation with a broad brush. They seem to be unable to narrow that brush they use to judge people with. For instance our past president. There probably are very few negative words, phrases, etc. used against him that do not fit the man in some fashion.. Many, especially those who are of a liberal persuasion are unable to see anything but a train wreck. They are incapable of separating the good from the bad. I perceive that history will show that he was an average or better president of our country. Only time will tell.

The same is true where the late Dr. Walter Williams is concerned. His colleagues perceived him as brilliant. He also was very conservative. Many of his detractors could not see his brilliance because they were blinded by his conservatism. It is sad that they are unable to separate what they perceive as bad from the good qualities. I perceive that many of our fellow citizens are narrow minded. I for one, sincerely appreciate your publishing Dr. Williams articles.

You have published a few articles by Star Parker. What I have gotten from her articles, I believe that she would make a tremendous replacement for Dr. Williams. I have no idea how often she writes an article. If her publications fit our papers needs, I for one would appreciate the opportunity to read them in our Item.

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