Voting by mail is fair.

We used to live in Montgomery County where I worked with the Early Ballot Board during elections. That is the group that tabulates absentee ballots – which, in today’s terms, would also include all votes coming in by mail, if Texas would allow vote by mail beyond the current restrictions. 

The Democratic and Republican Judges who ran the Board were on top of everything – tremendous! There are strict rules to follow for the judges and the workers. For the workers, one Democrat works with one Republican. 

We open multiple envelopes, compare signatures, follow instructions. Those things are only part of the job. There are many more steps, for the judges, after we open and count ballots. Ballots are also locked up and witnessed. There are sometimes long hours. Election night 2016, I did not get home until 1 a.m. the next morning. There is no talk of politics. It is as fair and unrigged a system as I have ever seen. 

Everyone wants all votes to be seen and tabulated fairly. I am sure that Walker County, where we live now, does the same thing, as do all counties responsible for vote counting. Again, it is not a rigged system. 

I am proud to have worked on the Early Ballot Board. We did our work and considered every ballot as sacred. I commend everyone who serves on an Early Ballot Board, in every election, for their conscientious and fair service.