I'm writing this in answer of Rich Heiland's opinion of the so called mob at Sam Houston Memorial last weekend. According to wiki the definition of mob is a hostel, lawless, disorderly, irrational,and riotous crowd. 

I was among many visitors and saw no such thing happening. What I saw was true Americans standing in love and support of this wonderful county. There was no violence. I certainly didn't see any disorderly conduct. The police officers were smiling and shaking hands. That doesn't sound like a mob to me.

So Mr. Rich before you go talking about something you know nothing about I ask you please do your homework ... you should have been brave enough to show up yourself. I'm positive you would have been greeted with open arms. Then perhaps you would have printed the real truth. These men and women are to be admired not feared. They are the guys in white hats . Thank you Patriots!