I’m appalled that our mayor submitted this “sermon” as a Letter to the Editor of our local paper. It seems to explain why police officers removed a book display from our formerly Public Library last year and then “sold”, excuse me, relinquished, the control the library to a private company who will decide what books should be displayed. His multiple references using MAGA buzzwords like “Woke. & Wokeism” show his true colors. His many references to “god” and morals and the “creator” ignore more than just a few religions. Which “god” Mayor, the one that allowed the Children’s Crusade? The one that soldiers pray to in order to “vanquish” their enemies? What happened to “Do unto others”? You invoke issues like homelessness, crime, and others, yet ignore the Conservative efforts to take everything away from those impacted! It is apparent that Tumpism, MAGAism has overtaken Huntsville. As a Democrat, I fear for my security. I won’t put bumper stickers on my vehicles for fear of damage! I was going to imply your Letter to the Editor bordered on religious fanaticism, but after another reading, there is no question, You have stepped over the line! Your submission adds fuel to the “Recall Efforts.” You and the others supporting your efforts need to go!

Michael Johnson

Huntsville, Texas

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