Here we find ourselves in yet another election year. Nothing is more American that a spirited debate over the future of our nation and who our leaders will be. Sadly, elections often bring out the worst in many people.

At 6 pm on July 4th, 2020 a middle aged, blonde white woman came onto my property and stole a political sign. I have pictures, and I have sent them to the sheriff's department.

The amazing part is that literally ALL of my neighbors have signs on their gates threatening to kill anyone who would trespass on their property, and yet find it so easy to trespass on the property of others.

It doesn't matter if you're stealing a political yard sign, a chain saw, a 4-wheeler, a car or $500, a thief is a thief.

Of course when you consider that my yard sign was in support of Joe Biden for President, it's not surprising because this is the kind of lawlessness we have come to expect from Trump and his supporters.