“We must do the works of Him who sent Me while it is day. Night is coming when no one can work.” John 9:4

The night has fallen on us with the passing of John Lewis. The light of his earthly presence can no longer shine on us. It’s a frightening time when the world seems uncertain, confusing, and even cold. It is hard to process the loss of such a great champion when there is still an outcry for justice. We are no longer able to await John’s response in times of moral crisis.

His spiritual fire started at the age of 17, and we have remained in his warmth until the day of his passing. Where do we go now to find a source? In John, we had so much. John Lewis took a ride to freedom and carried us with him.

His civil disobedience and advocacy for non-violence showed us a better way: Love. He bore in his very flesh the dark hatred of America but still smiled. He spoke of children locked in cages and of victims of gun violence. He lifted his voice and raised us with him. What shall we do without his guidance?

It was never our destiny to bask in John's glory forever. In a time in America, when in his words, things are “frightening,” “we are to never lose hope, we must keep the faith...” He has given us an example but also a charge. When the lights go out from us, we don’t search for another, instead, we become one.