Hundreds of spring break travelers drop by Huntsville every year to take a peek at Big Sam, the 67-foot-tall statue of Sam Houston that graces the city's southern border just off Interstate 45.

The officers of Huntsville, TX Black Lives Matter would like to address the concerning and unfounded rumors regarding BLM group members planning to take down the Sam Houston statue, located on I-45, this Saturday.

These false allegations currently circulating on social media, particularly Facebook, decry members of BLM as “terrorists” and contain rhetoric meant to intimidate and threaten. Among the posts circulating locally, sentiments include “I hope the protestors are given a warm Texas welcome” as well as “you will unleash an entire state of hunters who never miss.”

These comments and many like them are currently being used to whip up anger among those who are doubtful of our good intentions and categorically oppose what we at BLM stand for. This is troubling, for us as an organization, and for those in the community who could be discriminated against because of fake news.

We at Huntsville, TX Black Lives Matter want to make the following very clear: We in no way condone, support, or have attempted to instigate any plan to defile or deface the Sam Houston statue. We have shown the utmost respect to the Huntsville police, city government and to the community. We will continue to peacefully protest and collaborate with local churches, politicians, and organizations. We will not allow this to detract us from our larger goal of bringing unity to our city and providing a place of safety and understanding in the community.