On Monday, our president had a photo op of himself taken in front of a church across the street from the White House with a Bible in his hand. His way was blocked by large crowds of peaceful protesters and, as we know, the right to peacefully assemble and protest is a right guaranteed to American citizens in the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 

However, before the president could walk across the street to have his picture taken, he had the crowd dispersed by having it gassed and fired on with rubber bullets by so-called federal law enforcement officers. It simply isn't possible to violate American citizens' First Amendment rights and call what was done to the protesters "law enforcement." 

Those citizens, in the opinion of federal authorities, were a nuisance in the president's way needed to be eliminated as expeditiously as possible. So, federal law officers trampled all over those citizens' civil rights for a presidential public relations stunt. That is unacceptable, outrageous, egregious and, in fact, illegal. 

When will the violators of the D.C. protesters' civil rights be investigated, charged for their crimes, prosecuted, stand trial and brought to justice? And where are the loud, indignant cries of outrage by the same people who demand that their second amendment rights be enforced and vigorously protected while their first amendment rights are being forcefully violated by federal authority?