Representative Kevin Brady answered 2 of my major questions about recent news in his commentary, which was published in The Item on Tuesday.

Question 1: Why do some people say that Democrats hate President Trump? Maybe because in the 3rd paragraph Kevin writes that supposedly Democrats are saying, “Our hatred for Donald Trump is more important than your desire for Congress to work together to solve real problems like high drug costs.” I resent anyone who tries to tell me what I feel about anyone including our president.

Question 2: When it comes to impeachment, why does Kevin opine, “There is no impeachable offense or anything like it”? Right now, our Congress is in the middle of an investigation, not yet impeachment. So far, based only on Mr Trump’s own statements election laws are being broken. If Congress wants to change their law forbidding asking for help against a political opponent, that could be done. The problem is, the current law has been broken—blatantly broken— by our President who swore his fealty to seeing that all laws—including our Federal election laws are followed.

Given our history of being a “nation of laws,” having our highest leader of our land—Mr. Trump—breaking laws openly is grounds for an impeachment investigation.