In response to the letter to the editor, written by Kelley Barber in the Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020 edition of The Huntsville Item. I challenge many of the assertions made by Mr. Barber.

The first assertion that I challenge is the statement that was made about the " Reverends" being "Emotional hysterics." I personally know all of the ministers who wrote the letter, and I can assure you that they are all extremely mature and professional. They have a history of working in Walker County to establish an environment of respect, love and peace.

I am a combat veteran who served in Vietnam as a combat helicopter pilot ,and earned the Purple Heart Medal as well as the Air Medal With Eight Oak Leaf Clusters. I own many firearms (guns), but I do not love them, especially not artillery. Artillery was responsible for most of the friendly fire deaths in combat.

Even though Mr. Barber quoted the Holy Bible, it is obvious that the writer doesn't have a clue as to why these four African American ministers took exception to the Walker County Commissioners Court establishing Walker County as a gun sanctuary county.

By them passing this resolution, which is non-binding, without consulting anyone in the minority community — and as far as I know, didn't consult with any of the youth who do active shooter drills in school — spoke volumes as to how they really feel about their concerns.

When the writer made reference to gun confiscations already taking place in the U.S. I would certainly like to see the facts that established the basis for this assertion.

No matter how many political candidates admit that they would like to see gun confiscations on a national basis, it will never happen, contrary to the push by the NRA and the conservative media .

To the Walker County Commissioners Court, this situation is of your making. You were elected to represent everyone in Walker County. It would certainly be great if you recognized all concerns and issues that affect the total community. You might refer to Psalms 119:66: "Teach me knowledge and good judgement."