In Texas, while all the media attention has been on Harris (Houston) and Dallas (Dallas) counties, Covid-19 is a much more rural phenomenon than in most states. 

As of 7/27/2020, Harris County at 1391 per 100k population actually ranks 56th in the state. Dallas County ranks 40th at 1774 per 100k population. Contrast this with Madison County (pop. 14K) that ranks 3rd in the state at 4223 per 100k or Victoria County (pop. 92k) that ranks 11th in the state at 3118 per 100k, or Starr County (pop. 65k) that ranks 19th in the state at 2565 per 100k population. Walker County (pop. 73k) currently ranks 6th in the state at 3777 cases per 100k population (down from 3rd last week). 

In fact, in Texas counties of less than 25k population, the average is 1108 per 100k population. Contrast this with Wisconsin where counties of less than 25k average 271 per 100k population and Michigan where counties of less that 25k average 231 per 100k population.I'm not going to speculate as to the reasons for these disparities in Texas, except to suggest that perhaps there are cultural factors at play here. 

I sincerely hope my fellow Texans, especially those in rural areas, will wake up and start following the common sense rules regarding masks and social distancing mandated by our governor.