The Texas Legislature has shown the country a new way to run our state.

In the past our two party system worked like this, we had an election to elect state reps., both the Democrats and Republicans and others were on the ballot. After the election, whichever party had the majority of representatives controlled the state house and the same for the state senate.

If one party did not like the way a bill was going they could try to persuade other representatives to change their vote, or the party now in the minority tried to get more representatives from their party elected, so they would have the control of the state house in the future.

When a bill came to a vote each representative voted yea or nay on the bill to determine whether a bill passed or failed. Now some representatives have found a simple solution to bypass our democratic process, just walk out. In the current situation these reps have decided that fair elections are not acceptable, so basically what they are saying is there is no reason to have a state legislature or for that matter any form of elected government in the future.

In the future voting on bills will be simple, those in favor vote aye and those who don’t agree simply walk out. So this new method of passing bills is simple, likely no bills will get passed, maybe not a bad thing.

I once had a boss who used to say, "it is my way or the highway.” He was a great hero to all of us and such a good example on how to manage. I wonder how everyone is going to like how this new method of managing bills in the state house is going to work?

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