Huntsville is doing Great! 

Lets look at some facts. As I drive around, I notice that all of the biggest and most modern building are all owned by government institutions built with your money. We're even going to spend multi-millions to build some more. Drive along Highway 75 and all the private business owners operate out of little tin building trying to make enough to pay their taxes. 

They brag about about cutting the tax rate, but taxes and fees continue to go up. 82 % of the workforce is government employees and 50% of the land is tax exempt ... seems a little out of balance. 

Retail companies from outside continue to be built because they pay sales and property taxes, which is more money for the city. However, they only pay minimum wage to employees. Not so good for you. At the end of every month they gather up all the money from sales and send it to their home offices outside of the state and Huntsville. 

Guess our leaders never heard of the velocity of money to build an economy for working people. Can you name one private company in Huntsville that pays it's employees $20/hour or more. So Huntsville government is doing Great ... its tax paying citizens not so much. 

So who does your elected officials represent? Themselves and their egos or you, the taxpayer whose money they spend and then brag about. If the government was 18% and private industry paying $20/hour was 82% then things would be great. These are the facts.

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