ERCOT provides no known benefit to the consumers of Texas electricity, especially considering the fact that each of the 16 board members and eight alternate members, many of whom are not even residents of Texas, make between $185,000 and $203,000 per year for being incompetent and causing billions of dollars in damages due to their incompetence.

The ERCOT budget was $268 million in 2020, and for 2021 it has been raised to $275 million for not having done anything at all to harden the grid. ERCOT had been advised several times at least since 1989 to harden our grid to avoid outages during freezing weather.

In my opinion, ERCOT should be dissolved, the virtually worthless board fired, and the $275 million budgeted for 2021 should be used to prevent future outages of power during the next hard freeze.

If citizens of Texas are interested then I suggest looking up the ERCOT Code of Conduct, which is posted on-line and then be totally disgusted by the hypocrisy.

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