January market update and Huntsville fun facts

Let’s take a look at how Huntsville residential real estate did in January, 2020 compared to January, 2019.

This January, twenty-six single-family homes sold for an average price of $200,436. In January of 2019, twenty-four single-family homes sold for an average price of $263,747. More homes sold this year, but they sold for less money than the homes last year.

In 2019, thirteen country homes and acreages sold for $1,569,709, which included 3 properties that sold for over $2 million each. In contrast to last year, only seven country homes and acreages sold in our area for an average price of $375,014. A lot less country homes and acreages sold this year compared to 2019.

The average home price is rising in Huntsville. It is difficult to find a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with a 2-car garage in move-in ready condition for less than $180,000 right now.

The real estate market is changing and land prices have risen substantially. Buyers are having to go further out to more rural communities to purchase large tracts of land at an affordable price.

Other interesting facts about Huntsville real estate.

If you “Google” Huntsville Realtor 1,000 names will be listed. Only a couple hundred of them have a home address in Huntsville. Only a handful of them are full-time professional agents with Real Estate as their primary profession.

The Huntsville real estate market is very different from the market in other communities. A local agent will be much more knowledgable and skilled at selling your home in Huntsville.

Many commercial properties in Huntsville are owned by investors who live elsewhere.

Huntsville is mostly located in an “opportunity zone” which is designed to encourage financial and business investment in our community.

Most of the building on the Downtown Square are owned by only two companies.

Huntsville has a very high rate of rentals compared to other communities.

Huntsville has quite a few commercial properties available for sale on high-traffic streets and highways.

#HomeSweetHuntsville is what we make of it. I personally love our community of Huntsville, Texas and I hope we hold onto the charm, historical character and attitude of serving others for years to come.

Daiquiri Beebe is a Huntsville resident and realtor for Abby Realty.