The incompetence of local government shines bright again.

The city is taking bids to repair the pavement at the Transfer Station. The contractor didn't provide lime stabilization, rebar or pavement thickness required.Here's my question.Where was the city's public works construction inspector during all the construction. 

This work wasn't done overnight. Even the most simple minded engineer knows that any pavement requires a good base (lime stabilization). Here's the bottom line, with all the conflicts of interest that exist within public works, the city manager's office and council, I'm not a bit surprised. This is what happens when the Fox is grading the chicken coop .This didn't happen by accident, the city was complaisance in it and the contractor knew it. But you poor dumb taxpayers don't worry, the city will repair it at your expense and then tell you that they know what is best, Trust them.

— Wesley Freise P. E.