Having trouble selling your home?

This is the time of year where desirable homes are selling quickly. If your house has been on the market for a few months without any showings or no offers, now is the time to make a change. 

You may need to invest a little money in paint and lightbulbs to update your lighting and make your house look more modern.

I spoke to a paint color expert and learned some tips to help you get your home sold!

The trend right now is grey, but it is only a trend, so it will not last long. It is better to choose a grey shade with a beige undertone. It gives a warmer feel to your home.

Your trim and ceiling color should be extra white. It gives the walls a crisp, clean look and the white ceilings allow more light and appear higher. Use cool white enamel paint in a satin finish for the baseboards. Matte paint for the walls creates contrast and makes the clean, white look more noticeable.

In the recent past people tended to paint their home in gold, tan and other warm tones. Since those days are over, homes that have these colors appear outdated to buyers. Eliminating those shades and giving your house an updated look with paint allows buyers to see the potential in the house.

Buyers are very visual. Many people view a property based on the photographs they see on the internet. Most buyers walk into a home and view repainting as more work to be done in their busy lives. Having an updated look makes your home more appealing to the majority of buyers.

Many sellers don’t want to spend the money on painting their house right before they move, but if you are having trouble selling, the money will be worth it to change the look of the house.

Lighting has a tremendous effect on how colors appear in your home. Many homeowners still have yellow lighting in their homes which tints the paint color. Purchase cool white light bulbs to reflect a more attractive paint shade.

If you are selling your house, it is better to stay with neutral shades, but having a pop of color can make a special feature of the home, like a fireplace stand out.

Dark wood-colored cabinets are no longer in style. Brighter shades of white and neutral cabinets are more appealing to the modern buyer.

Dont forget, hiring a full-time professional Realtor to list and market your home is as important as preparing it to sell. A gorgeous home that shows terribly shot photographs and has a Realtor who does not answer the phone can be a nightmare for a seller.

Daiquiri Beebe is a Huntsville resident and realtor with Abby Realty.