By Waylon Andrew Moore

Remember when horror movies were well-written and very scary, like “Halloween” (1978), “Friday the 13th” (1980), or “Gremlins” (1984); suspenseful takes of mystery and distress leading up to a terrifying climax and numerous sequels.

These stories gave us some of the big screen’s biggest names ever, such as Mike Myers or Jason Voorhees.

The featured frightening takes that ultimately entertained and frightened people; a trend that unfortunately has ended.

Horror movies now are somewhat frightening, but ultimately pointless. Such is the story for “Pulse.”

“Pulse” is a tale about ghosts on the Internet and cell phone lines (sounds fun), intending to take over the world.

Jim Sonzero directs this story (written by Ray Wright), and does a poor job in bringing the story to life.

“Pulse” stars Kristen Bell, Ian Somerhalder, and Samm Levine, all playing college students who stumble across the online spirits.

The plot line seems to take off at first, but soon into the movie lets off. The acting is lukewarm due to the directing and the only frights you get are from computer generated imagery (CGI).

The CGI would have been a nice touch if the plot line was well written. The main problem with “Pulse” is the fact that the story ultimately stops at the end, providing no clear ending for either side.

The ghosts come out of the Internet and take over cities, leaving the surviving humans living in rural areas with no cell phone coverage and no Internet service.

It feels like “Terminator” (1984) mixed with “Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984), toned way down. I was expecting so much as the movie started but was soon disappointed as the story unfolded. It seems the production of Pulse was based solely on frightening moments with CGI surrounded with a lame story. A great horror movie is written with a back story, explaining how and what events will eventually cause the villain or climax, a pulse-pounding plot sowing the events that lead up to the climax, and a fright filled climatic clash between good and evil.

“Pulse” lacked all of these story fundamentals and left me disappointed and somewhat confused.

“Pulse” in my opinion is a very sad try at a horror, earning 1 of 4 stars.

They leave the story line open at the end for a possible sequel, which hopefully will never be made.

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