I want to respond to the letters by Williams, Creager, Hyams and Oliver on Dec. 28 concerning the removal of the Confederate monument. These four individuals seem to think that mustering the same 12 people week after week to relentlessly hound and demand that our elected officials do what this radical minority wants is justification for disparaging our commissioner court members. 

They fail to realize that the commissioners court represents “all” of the people of Walker County, the vast majority of which do not want the monument removed. However, that is irrelevant to this small group. Their position is “I believe this way so you should succumb to my demands and do what I want you to do regardless of how the people of the county feel”.

Their letters reflect a complete lack of knowledge of the factors concerning why our men in Walker County fought an overbearing government.

This court has been subjected to an endless barrage of musings and verbal banter imploring them to remove the monument. These liberal, cancel culture groups and individuals have ceaselessly hounded this court in hopes of weakening their resolve with the objective of creating enough discourse and incendiary bias to eventually get them to acquiesce to their demands.

We have been seeing this type of mob mentality pressure tactic all over our country in the past 10 months. If they don’t like a symbol, statue, monument or any other representation then all you need to do is either tear it down or hound the local authorities until they relent to your demands.

I applaud the court for not succumbing to this form of liberal, politically correct, cancel culture terrorism just because a vocal, extremist group of individuals wants to destroy a monument honoring men who fought for Walker County in the Civil War.

The monument is there to remember and pay tribute to the men like my ancestor who through their service and valor fought against a tyrannical invading army that pillaged the homes and lives of millions of people in the south. Those men defended their homeland and their new adopted nation in the same manner that a former colonel in His Majesty’s British militia fought for his new adopted nation. His name was George Washington.

The monument represents men who were fighting for freedom from an oppressive federal government and the right to self govern as did our founding fathers. They were not espousing white supremacy or fighting to defend slavery. To suggest otherwise is sheer untrue, imbecilic hype. No one in my family history has ever owned a slave nor have we ever espoused the perpetuation of slavery.

The assumption by those who suggest that confederate monuments are an endorsement of white supremacy is not only hyperbole but unadulterated tripe. Ninety eight percent of confederate soldiers did not own slaves. For anyone to suggest that millions of young men enlisted in the CSA armed forces solely to defend slavery is simply profound and blatant ignorance of the history of the period and a denial of the facts.

While slavery was rightfully ended as a result of the war, the causes for the war were many and even the most rudimentary historian will acknowledge that tariffs, territorial acrimony, federal transgressions and economic factors were the root cause for secession. Lincoln stated on more than one occasion that he was not going to invade the south to end slavery. The federal government invaded the south to prevent secession and because the U.S. Arsenal at Ft. Sumter was fired upon.

The other truly despicable and unconscionable misrepresentation of the anti-monument movement and the those previously mentioned is that the monument and other symbols honoring confederate soldiers who fought for the south is an example of white supremacy. That is nothing more than allegorical palaver tripe. 

If we are to rid public places of monuments and all other symbols that honor those that owned slaves and perpetuated the institution of slavery or those that have made blasphemous and white supremacist comments then all such statues and monuments of Washington, Jefferson, Grant and Lincoln will need to be removed from all public property.

But instead we honor these men with national statues, monuments, likeness’ on coins, bills, stamps and the like and I do not hear for the calling for those monuments to be torn down and removed from view.

I find it incredibly uneducated and intellectually dishonest to hold slave holders and historical figures as I’ve just mentioned as honorable, noble and virtuous and not others like my ancestors who never owned slaves but simply fought for their state and new nation.

Additionally, if the court is going to remove the Confederate monument based on the premise that it represents the perpetuation and the endorsement of slavery then hundreds of other county residents will have every right to “demand” that all symbols of anyone who ever owned a slave be erased from our county grounds. Hence they will demand that the statue of Sam Houston be removed due to Sam Houston owning as many as 12 slaves.

When I hear Williams and her cancel culture cohorts espousing the removal of all things Lincoln, Sam Houston and others from all public property and those monuments are indeed removed I’ll join them in calling for the removal of the monument.

Let me say unequivocally that all of us abhor and categorically reject slavery and emphatically acknowledge that it was wrong and that no person should ever be subjugated to ownership by any other human. No sane, even moderately educated person of this century could feel otherwise.

However, the labeling of Confederate symbols as evil based on this premise is simply short sighted and foolish if one looks at all the facts of history and understands the reason that we honor them. It has nothing to do with defending slavery but rather to pay homage to our ancestors that were merely defending their homeland.

I want to congratulate this commissioners court for its resistance to the nihilistic approach and recusant position of this vocal minority. The court is to be lauded for its courage, intrepidity, integrity and defense of our history and the good name of the men whom this monument represents. Men who were not salve holders but were merely patriots and heroes that defended our homeland from an invading army. We should be duly proud of our commissioners. 

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