Always be ready to sell

Beautiful homes sell quicker and for more money than neglected homes. Maintaining your home and making it attractive when you put it on the market for sale could make you thousands more dollars on the sale of your home. 

While we are currently in a hot real estate market, there are very few homes on the market and higher end homes in Huntsville are selling more quickly than they have in the past. If the house for sale has problems that need to be repaired, the home is out-of-date, the house is not clean and the yard is unruly the house will not sell.

The homes that are receiving multiple competitive offers are updated, clean and move-in ready.

Being a responsible homeowner includes maintaining your home well, including periodic maintenance and replacing items as they break or become obsolete. When you take these actions you will always be ready to sell your home. Many people fall into the circumstance where they need to sell their home. They hadn’t planned to but something changed in their life that caused the change. Caring for your home prepares you for this situation and makes it easier when you are ready to sell.

Daiquiri Beebe is a Huntsville resident and realtor for Abby Realty.