A cat tale in three segments -- Part II

Marge Flados

During that time in my life, I traveled frequently and it was necessary to hire someone to cat-sit in my home because I couldn’t bear leaving Miss Gray alone for days at a time. Having a cat was very inconvenient. My two friends who advised me against getting a cat were so right and all the others who thought I should have a cat were wrong. Very wrong indeed.

Julie, my household helper, kept her twice while I was away from home for two week periods. However, each time upon my return I found Miss Gray at home when I arrived back. Knowing Julie to be the efficient person she is, I figured she deposited my cat back home so she would be in the house to welcome me back. (Oh, how naïve of me to think that.) When I asked how Miss. Gray behaved at her house, she always said, “Fine”.

I had hired a tutor to get me over the bumps with my new Windows operating system, which I considered user-unfriendly. Sandie, my tutor, was very taken with Miss Gray and vice versa. Miss Gray was abnormally friendly when Sandie was around and I asked if she and her husband would consider adopting my cat. They said they would be delighted to do so. They bought cat toys, they built her a perch to sit on and a fancy cat box that rakes the poop, places it in a gift box and ties it with a bow….I jest…but it was one fancy litter box! They built a beautiful custom screen to shield the litter box from strangers’eyes, and I said, “Thank you, Lord, for sending me these people to take my cat and love her”. I told them she was almost a “perfect cat”, that she had stayed with Julie while I was gone and had done very well. They brought her an Easter card and gift. Sandie brought her husband and mother over to meet “Mittens” (They changed her name because of the four white feet.). They brought a friend over to meet their new “baby”. The clincher was Sandie’s mother and her friends were planning a “kitty shower” for Sandie and Mittens. I continued to be so thankful!

I wrote a Cat Contract, stating what she did, what she didn’t do, what she liked and didn’t like, that I would cat-sit her when and if they traveled out of town and that if she failed to bond and adjust to her new home, I would take her back. I put the contract in a large envelope with her medical record and put it with her schtuff. Before transfer, I took her paraphernalia, her feeder, her drinker, her toys and her mats over and Sandie placed them in her home. I then filled two coffee cans with some of the contents of her litter box and told them to sprinkle it around outside their townhome so if she should get out, she could “smell” her way back home. I thought to myself, “This is going to be such a neat transfer”. I am so happy, no more cat sitting bills, no more veterinary bills, no more concern about her being lonesome. She will be with people who want her and will love her and I will be free at last!!

The transfer moment arrived. I delivered Miss Gray in her carrier, we went in, I turned her out and she proceeded to calmly prowl around the place looking and sniffing about. Sandie and her husband served wine and we toasted the happy occasion.. Miss Gray (Mittens) was acting cute and jumped up on Dick’s lap and was rubbing on Sandie. (Thank you, Lord.)

When I arrived back home I called family members and told them I was now “cat-free” and Miss Gray was with people who would love her for as long as she lived. I was happy, Miss Gray was happy and her new owners were so pleased to get a well-trained perfect cat. Stay tuned.

Marge Flados is a syndicated lifestyles columnist and can be reached at nflados@gmail.com.

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