An attempted traffic stop led to a multi-county car chase Wednesday evening on Interstate Highway 45, ending with an arrest of a woman.

Nichole Jones, 30, was charged on Wednesday with felony evading after leading officers on a 30-mile car chase that ultimately ended in Madisonville.

Huntsville police initiated the chase around the 109 mile marker, or Park Road 40, when an officer attempted to stop Jones for a traffic violation. She was headed northbound on the highway and failed to stop, continuing through Huntsville and Walker county.

Several officers were unsuccessful in their attempts to stop the car by deploying stop stick spikes throughout the chase. The devices are used to safely and quickly end high-speed vehicle pursuits by deflating the tires.

The chase eventually ended in Madisonville, where the driver exited the highway through a ditch and pulled over, however, she still refused to exit the vehicle and had to be extracted.

It remains unknown as to why Jones opted to evade.

“A lot of times, people with stolen cars, drugs or warrants will evade us, they’ll try to get away,” said Lt. Jim Barnes, a spokesperson for the department. “This particular young lady did not have a good reason to evade, she was driving her own car, had insurance, had a driver’s license and stuff, so it’s really a puzzle to us, but that happens. It is potential that she has some mental issues and just didn’t want to stop.”

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