Denise Vogler began working for Walker County in 1985 and wants to continue working for the county as Precinct 2 justice of the peace.

The decision to run was not a tough one to make. In fact, it had been one she was considering for quite some time.

“This is a decision that I made at about this time last year,” Vogler said. “I’ve always known, from a very long time ago, that at one point in my life this is what I want to do.”

Vogler, who has been the victim assistance coordinator for the Walker County District Attorney’s Office for the past 15 years, said her job dealing with the people of Walker County has greatly prepared her to be justice of the peace.

“In this occupation, I have seen the horrific wrath some people are capable of and the rippling aftermath of a tragic, life-altering event,” Vogler said. “Conversely, I have been privileged to witness many beautiful events and the warm embrace mankind is capable of extending. I have had a front-row seat in watching our justice system both flourish and fail. All of this has given me a deeper insight into the human race, which will enable me to thrive as justice of the peace.”

The people, Vogler said, will be who she is really working for. In fact, meeting the citizens of the community is one part of the job she is eagerly looking forward to.

“When it gets down to it, I enjoy building strong relationships and helping people at every opportunity,” she said. “Being elected to justice of the peace would enable me to render my services to benefit a greater good.”

Vogler has also done things for victims and their families beyond the walls of the district attorney’s office. Since 1996, she has coordinated the annual Tree of Angels ceremony, which remembers those who were killed in violent crimes. This year, the ceremony will be Dec. 13 on the courthouse lawn at 5:30 p.m.

For the past 32 years, she has been married to her husband, Terry, a state trooper for the Texas Department of Public Safety, and they have three adult children.