Damage to the Stubblefield Lake Road Bridge.

The global coronavirus pandemic shut down schools, businesses and governments.

But, to date, it hasn’t shut down plans to replace a bridge on Stubblefield Lake Road in rural Walker County.

The United States Department of Agriculture said that it plans to move forward with removing and replacing the bridge that received significant damage from Hurricane Harvey in August 2017.

The federal agency said in a statement that they have began the solicitation project for bids, which will conclude on June 3. Once a bid is awarded, pre-construction meetings will take place with the old structures being removed in the summer of 2020. The project is estimated to be complete in early 2021.

Hurricane flooding on the West Fork of the San Jacinto River damaged Stubblefield Lake Road Bridge and its pedestrian walkways, officials said. A closure for the area has been in place since September 2017.

The closure creates longer drives to national forest recreation areas and longer commutes for some neighboring residents. It also eliminates a popular fishing site and a river crossing for the Lone Star Hiking Trail.