Huntsville ISD will spend nearly $13,000 on Nov. 5 for an election of three incumbent trustees running without an active opponent.

Position 1 trustee Tracy Stroudt and Position 2 trustee Rissie Owens will both run unopposed in the Nov. 5 election. But incumbent school board president J.T. Langley, seeking re-election for Pos. 3, does have an official opponent, which calls for the district to fund an election.

“It’s unfortunate we have to spend those funds for that,” Pos. 4 board member Dr. Karin Olson Williams said at the Sept. 19 board meeting.

As the Item reported Sept. 10, longtime educator Linda Thompson on Sept. 3 tried to withdraw her candidacy due to personal reasons, but the deadline had expired.

House Bill 2817, passed in the 82nd Texas Legislature, indicates Thompson would have needed to withdraw by Aug. 29. The legislation prohibits withdrawing candidacy after 5 p.m. of the third day after the candidate’s filing deadline. Thompson filed for candidacy on the Aug. 26 deadline and delivered a written copy for withdrawal to the district Sept. 3, the day after Labor Day.

“We have a candidate that has indicated her desire to withdraw, but under the codes and laws of elections in Texas, the election will proceed,” HISD Superintendent Dr. Steve Johnson said. “Both names will be on the ballot and we will do all of those things as we would in any election. We’ll have election judges, election officials, election sites as though the election were proceeding as it is. (Thompson) is not allowed to withdraw because the timeline was not met.”

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