Twitty and Lynn

Tre Conway and Tayla Lynn will debut at Old Town Theatre on Friday, Jan. 27 with their “Salute to Conway and Loretta."

It’s no coincidence that the duo Twitty and Lynn look like the stars they emulate. They are the grandchildren of Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn, legendary solo performers who became one of the most popular duets in country music history. Hearing them sing “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man” will take you back to the ‘70s and ‘80s when Conway and Loretta topped the country music charts. 

That magic will be recreated by Tre Twitty and Tayla Lynn with their “Salute to Conway and Loretta” at 7 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 27 at Old Town Theatre. Tre and Tayla don’t just sing the hits made famous by their grandparents. They share intimate stories of growing up with these beloved icons, giving the audience an experience that weaves their family history into the music.

Before Tre was a performer, he served in the Air Force and was a member of the Honor Guard at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California. His first time in front of a large audience was at age 23, performing with his father Michael. The audience loved his voice and that inspired him to keep singing.  

In 2017, Tre was performing at Loretta’s ranch for the annual tribute concert “Remembering Conway”. This is where Tayla heard Tre sing for the first time, and she was blown away. She asked if he would be interested in doing a few shows together, and they soon found their chemistry was much like their “Memaw” and “Poppy” on stage.

“Tre has become an amazing storyteller, and his vocals are so strong,” said Tayla. “He is such a good and honest person. He lets me run the road show, but he’s the boss of the business. He’s the boss and I’m the queen.”

Their first performance in Canada in 2018 had such a tremendous response that they took their show on the road. They now play more than 100 venues across the country. Following in the footsteps of their grandparents, they debuted at the Grand Ole Opry last year. Their next video and single “Feelings” is set to be released on Valentine’s Day and they will perform in Italy this summer.

For Tayla, this is a natural evolution of her lifelong musical career. Going on tour with Loretta during the summer was a regular part of her childhood. She was singing on stage from the time she was a child. She vividly remembers performing “Honky Tonk Girl'' in Branson when she was 15. By the time she was 19, Loretta asked  her to go on the road full-time. Tayla credits her “Memaw” with shaping her as a woman as well as a singer, always giving her the advice she needed. 

In 2007, Tayla became part of a trio called Stealing Angels. That experience allowed her to take everything she learned from Loretta and use it to create a career as a songwriter and performer in her own right. 

After the release of their third single, Tayla was exhausted and not sure what to do next. Loretta told her it was time to get married and have kids. She followed that advice and is happily married with two children, now 7 and 10. Tayla moved to Loretta’s ranch and was able to live next door to her beloved Memaw for the last eight years of her life, which she says was a priceless gift. 

“All of that led me to do something authentic and easy, that I know I was meant to do,” said Tayla. “Before she passed away, I was able to bring stories from the fans back to her. Their stories of joy and grief, and how her music was part of their lives. That was really beautiful.”

Tayla says they now have generations of fans, with people bringing their kids to see the show.

Guests at Old Town Theatre are invited to meet Tre and Tayla after the performance. For more tour dates, including their return to the area in the Woodlands this fall, visit their website at

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